Bmag +CA

Deficiency Corrector Calcium

Crop type:

Bmag+ca can be applied to different fruit and vegetable varieties (tomato, pepper, watermelon, lettuce, potato and carrot, among others), flowers and ornamental plants, stone and pome fruit trees, and lawns, among others.


Derived from mixtures of naturally occurring substances.

Instructions for use:

Suitable for use throughout the whole plant growth cycle to prevent/cure calcium deficiencies and especially at critical times such as flowering, fruit setting, thinning and fruit fattening.
Do not use in combination with products that have a strong alkaline reaction or contain sulphates and/or phosphates.

If in doubt, a simple mixing test is recommended to verify the compatibility of the products.


Drip Fertigation : 1 – 2 liter per acre
Foliar treatment: 2 – 3 ml per liter of water
2 applications (min.) at early fruit/mix stage.
The doses recommended here are general guidelines so you are advised to consult a qualified professional to adjust the dosage according to soil type, deficiency level, crop and phonological stage.

Crop Targets-

  • –  It helps correct Calcium deficiency & support crop cycle at specific stages.
  • –  Improves Ca transport & absorption also with plant parts.
  • –  It helps improve fruit development, reaching its true calibre, color, weight & shelf-life.- Prevent fruit cracking, discoloration, mis-shape, non-uniformity.


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