Biohumic 16 Humic Acid


Type of crop:

BioHumic 16 can be used for all types of crops, both intensive and extensive.


Potassium salts of humic and fulvic acids.

How to use:

BioHumic 16 is a concentrated liquid consisting of humic and fulvic acids, particularly suitable for fertigation.
Do not mix with products which react strongly with acids or those with strong oxidants. Do not mix with calcium or magnesium. If in doubt, a mixing test is recommended. Do not exceed the suggested dosage.

Drip Fertigation : 1 – 2 liter per acre Foliar treatment: 2 – 3 ml per liter of water

Crop Targets-

  • –  It improves overall soil properties- physical & chemical.
  • –  Improvement in soil mirobiome.
  • –  It help mobilize nutrients & its plant uptake.- Helps in germination & seedling growth, root development.
    – Support crop during flowering, early fruiting stages. Can go along with Biopower® in drip.- Gives better results in combination with Mycorhizza, seaweed- amino granules, microbial PGRs, Urea, DAP in soil application.


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