FERVISOL 10-52-10


·Provides your plants with effective, fast, and rich nutrition.
·One of its unique features is its ability to dissolve easily in water, this feature allows it to be used through all types of irrigation systems.
·With its higher amounts of phosphorus than its balanced nitrogen and potassium, it can be labeled as blossom or bloom booster.
·Phosphorus is essential for seed germination and for young plants to develop good root growth.
·This formulation is highly suggested for root vegetables such as swede, carrots, and turnips that need high
phosphorous. In addition; it stimulates tillering, and hastens maturity.
·Nitrogen in its content stimulates green leafy growth and promotes fruit and seed development; phosphorus supports the transfer of energy throughout the plant for root development and flowering; potassium is essential for photosynthesis and regulates many metabolic processes required for growth, fruit and seed development.
·This affects all aspects of plants well-being, from cold and drought tolerance to disease and pest resistance.

Crop Types

Application Period

Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Apricot, Cherry, Citrus fruits, Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios

It is applied at the beginning of growth periods and when the plant needs nutritional support at a dosage of 500-1000 gr / acre or 100-200 gr/100 L water. 3 applications can be made during the season.


When the first fruit bud appears, it is applied at a dosage of 800-1000 gr / acre. It can be applied 3 or more times with 7-10 days intervals.

Cotton, Soybean, Peanut, Sugar Beet,

Sweet potato

After the completion of the leaf formation, it is applied at a dosage of 800-1000 gr / acre and repeated, if necessary, with an interval of 15 days.

Corn, Sunflower

It is applied at a dose of 800-1000 gr / acre together with weed killers. Repeat 1-2 times if necessary.

Tomato, Eggplant, Pepper, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Melon, Watermelon

When the plant is 3-4 weeks old, it is applied at a dosage of 800-1000 gr / acre. For best results, 5-7 applications should be accomplished with 7-10 days intervals during the season.


When the plant is young, the first application is made at a dosage of 800-1000 gr / acre and it is applied at intervals of 7- 10 days until 30 days after the formation of the tuber.

Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oats, Rice

At the beginning of tillering, it is applied at a dose of 800-1000 gr / acre together with weed killers. The second application should be made when 10% of the grain ears appear.


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