• Fungophyte helps very effectively to control diseases caused by oomycetes (Downy mildew, Phytophthora and Pythium).
  • It is an excellent product for controlling root-rot diseases when applied preventively.
  • It has the unique property of ambimobility (movement in both xylem and phloem).
  • Ambimobility permits Fungophyte to be applied to foliage or tree trunks in order to control root diseases.

Doses :
Foliar application : 2 to 3 gm per liter of water at the time of 3 -4 leaf stage. Spray 4 to 5 times at fortnight interval.

Drip fertigation : 1 Kg per acre

Complex Potassium salt of Phosphonic Acid with polymerized phosphorous: 96%


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