Levoamin (100% L-amino acid solution)

Product description:

It is a solution of amino acids with a high content of organic matter.
The amino acids give it exceptional nutritional characteristics, particularly those provided by its high content of glycine and glutamic acid.

Type of crop:

LEVOAMIN can be applied via foliar or via irrigation systems to all kind of crops.

How to use:

The application of LEVOAMIN is recommended during the whole vegetal cycle, both via irrigation or foliar, and especially in case of overcoming situations of plant stress. Store between 5 – 40o C. Use with adequate protection.

Drip Fertigation : 1 – 2 liter per acre
Foliar treatment: 2 – 3 ml per liter of water
In fruit trees, carry out two applications during the development process or when the plant needs to get out of stress conditions.
In fruit trees and ornamentals, make two applications from the beginning of flowering to fruit set.
It’s recommended to consult a technician to adjust the doses depending on the type of soil, deficiency level, crop and phonological state.


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